Civil/ Structural Engineering

civil engineering


1. Design of buildings e.g. high-rise buildings, medium and low rise buildings.

2. General renovations of 1 above.

3. Design of steel structures and renovations of such buildings.

4. Design of timber structures and protections of such buildings.

5. Design of single span and multiple span bridges.

6. Maintenance of bridges retaining walls and sheet pile walls.



1. Foundation investigation for buildings.

2. Soil analysis for proposed buildings.

3. Rock blasting.

4. Examination of general supplement problems associates with structures.



1. Design of paved and unpaved roads.

2. Traffic design for settlement.

3. Design of rigid pavements.


Water and Environmental

1. Design of water storage tanks.


2. Design of drainage systems.

3. Design of pipe distribution systems.

4. Hydrological survey of rivers.

5. Environmental impact assessment.



1. Assessment of residual strain of uncompleted and abandoned projects for structural integrity.

2. Assessment of residual strength of fire gutted buildings.

3. Design of pit latrines (ventilation improved) to meet WHO standards.

4. Renovation of 1, 2 and 3 above.

5. General civil engineering works.

6. Landscaping.